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Popular Wedge Series ADA Interior Braille Signs - Customize with your Text & Colors
What makes a wedge sign? It's a sign "wedged" between a top and bottom accent section, and creates a popular and symetrical design that's both appealing and timeless. Great for any modern decor, keep your public or private facility's interior building signage modern and current while staying ADA compliant. All our Wedge Series custom ADA braille signs can be customized with your specified text in any of our many color combinations, or can also choose from many stock designs keeping with your color theme. Need directional or informations signs too? No problem, as our Wedge Series custom ADA braille signs come many footprints such as directional, informational, room ID, room number and pictogram formats.

With a popular and modern design that will complement any space, sign shopping has never been this easy! We also offer price breaks on larger orders, attractive shipping and mix ‘n’ match options if you wish to add a bit of flair. Contact us today for a custom quote, free color swatches, any questions you have or for help placing your order – you will love your new signs! View Construction Detail Drawing.

wedge room number signs
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We specialize in modern interior building signage that has color flexibility and can be customized with your text. Our specifications are sure to impress: Wedge signs have a 1/16” thick black backer plate, and a durable Matte finish 1/16” thick colored polymer faceplate (available in 33 premium colors). Each sign has a 1/16” thick polymer decorative top and bottom accent piece available in Brushed Gold, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze or Cashew finishes. Text and graphics is 1/32” thick tactile in Black or White Frutiger font to meet ADA (The Americans with Disability Act) Regulations. All signs have Grade 2 Braille to meet ADA (The Americans with Disability Act) Regulations. Edges of sign materials are laser cut for optimum appearance and smoothness. Our signs are made with quality adhesives, and materials. All faceplate colors are cast into the material and NOT painted which assures color consistency and helps prevent fading, chipping and scratching. Last but not least, Double faced adhesive tape on backside for easy mounting and installation.

Call us at 888-462-5008 (ext 104) or e-mail us at contact@justbraillesigns.com for custom sizes and special quotes