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When Jimmy was a small child he would often marvel at his Mother Margie's generosity as she tirelessly hand punched braille on thick cardstock paper using an old Perkins Braille Embosser. This monstrosity of a machine looked like an old typewriter with only nine keys. Working as a volunteer, Margie brailled children's books which were given to blind and sight-impaired children for enjoyment and education. It was hard work. Typing on this old Perkins Braille machine was arduous and difficult, often leading to sore fingers, wrists and shoulders. Margie deserves much credit for her generous contributions to the blind. As an adult, Jim was inspired to continue his Mother's legacy, and today, along with his two sons, manufacture labels and signage of all kinds for the blind and sight impaired. JustBraillesigns.com is brought to you by SCS Sign Company, a full service manufacturer of ADA braille signage. We are experts in braille signage. In fact, some of us have been making ADA braille signs since the inception of the Americans With Disability Act signed into law in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush.

ADA signs back in the day were often simple, hard to find and frankly kind of boring. Even today, finding an ADA Braille sign in your color choice with your custom text, for your specific need, in a modern design at a decent price can still be very difficult. That's where we come in! JustBrailleSigns.com offers you the flexibility and variety to quickly and easily find the ADA signage you require in sleek customized modern designs.

We have many Sign Series Designs ready to go. Pick the Series you like, choose your sign and colors, specify your text, and you're done! Whether you need signs for a restroom, room numbers, directional signs, etc, we designed each series so that you can purchase any sign type while sticking with the same Sign Series Design. This keeps all your signs uniform and consistent! What about ADA regulations? Rest assured, we use "best practice" manufacturing techniques that ensure our signs meet or exceed ADA/ABA and CA Title 24 sign requirements and regulations. In fact, we guarantee our signs meet ADA requirements! Factory direct and made in the good ol' USA....it doesn't get any better.

We are available for questions and help, and encourage you to call us with questions or quote inquiries on custom signs.

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