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Do you need to comply with California’s Title 24 restroom door sign requirements? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Just Braille Signs, we offer geometric Title 24 restroom door signs that meet or exceed the specifications for regulations relating to California bathroom signs. Our signs allow for design flexibility to match your building’s appearance and specific needs. With 33 background colors, you get to choose California restroom signs that coordinate with your building’s design while meeting legal requirements. With Just Braille Signs, your ADA compliant signs are far from boring.

Two Title 24 restroom door signs are required to comply with California standards. First, braille bathroom signs are required on the WALL with text such as: Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Restroom or Family Restroom. These signs can be found Here. Also, the International Symbol of Accessibility or “wheelchair pictogram” needs to be included on this sign, on a separate sign, or on geometric DOOR signs for accessible restrooms. Geometric restroom signs are required on DOORS as well - Female signs must be marked with a 12” diameter circle and male signs must be marked with a 12” equilateral triangle in a color that is contrast to the door. For a unisex or family restroom, this sign should feature a triangle on top of a 12” circle; the triangle must contrast with the circle and the circle is required to contrast with the door. Our signs meet building code 11B-703. with all edges chamfered, and radius tips on triangles.

For a more thorough overview of California Title 24 restroom door sign requirements, please see our summary for California & Interior signs. We make ordering your California braille geometric signs simple. Take a look around and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns - we’re happy to help.

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