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California Geometric Men's Door Sign, Non-Accessible, 12"
Title 24 Geometric men's Restroom Sign
Geometric CA Restroom Sign

Qty. 1 $41.90 each, Qty. 2-5 $38.90 each, Qty. 6-10 $37.90 each
Qty. 11-20 $36.90 each, Qty. 21+ $35.90 each
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ADA/Braille Restroom Wall Signs for California
Our Price: $41.90
(as low as $35.90)

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15 Color Combinations Available!

  • California Title 24 Geometric Men's Restroom Door Sign Measuring 12" x 12" x 1/4" thick, and available in 10 premium colors with matte finishes. Meets building code 11B-703. with all edges chamfered, and radius tips on triangles. All signs are made of indoor/outdoor polymer material and mount directly to restroom doors 60" on center from floor, (double faced tape included on backside for easy installation). Color is not a cheap vinyl overlay. Easy to see Pictograms are raised 1/32" from the surface. There is no braille on this sign.
  • Be sure to select a sign where the background color of your sign contrasts sharply with your door color.
  • A second Braille/ADA Restroom wall sign is required per illustrations here. These signs must have "California" Grade 2 braille. These signs can be purchased here.
  • If your geometric sign is for a non-accessible bathroom, be sure your geometric door and ADA/Braille wall signs exclude the ISA symbol (wheelchair symbol). In addition, a directional sign directing individuals to your nearest accessible restroom is required, (see "illustrations here" link above).

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