Sales Tax Exempt
About Sales tax

In order to comply with state and local sales tax requirements, we must have on file a properly executed exemption certificate from all customers and buyers who claim sales/use tax exemption. Currently we only collect and pay sales tax in Minnesota. We have no economic or physical nexus in any other states other than those listed, and therefore will not charge sales tax on orders from states other than those listed above. If you are sales tax exempt, and want us to remove sales tax from your order, you will need to email us your state sales tax exempt certificate, or state sales tax RESALE exempt certificate, (in some states these are different forms, while other states combine these).
All forms and exempt certificates must be completely and accurately filled out, and we accept these certificates in good faith. Email your certificate to
Once we receive your exempt certificate, we will remove sales tax from your order, and then collect on your credit card. In the occasional instance where we collected funds on your order prior to removing tax, we will issue you a credit.

For states imposing sales and/or use taxes, your purchases may be subject to use tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. This purchase is not exempt from sales or use tax merely because it is made over the internet or by other remote means. Many states where product purchases are taxable require purchasers to; 1. file a sales and use tax return or complete the appropriate section(s) on an annual tax return, reporting all purchases that are taxable in the state, and for which no tax was collected by the retailer, and 2. pay tax on those purchases. Many states require purchasers to file a sales/use tax return at the end of the year, reporting all of the taxable purchases that were not taxed, and to pay tax on these purchases. Tennessee and Vermont require us to notify you of your potential sales tax liabilities on a transactional basis. Information on sales and use tax requirements, filing and reporting can be found on the Department of Revenue website for your state or respective taxing authorities.