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California Stairwell ID Sign, Tactile Letters, No Braille, 12x18"
Exit Stair Ramp Down Braille Sign
Economy Series
Stairwell Sign
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Stairwell Sign 12"W x 18"H, With Braille
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Typical California Stairwell sign made 12x18" with first surface tactile text and graphics, (NO Braille.) Required in California Stairwells for building 4 stories or higher. No braille or tactile letters. May meet code for other states - be sure to check for with appropriate authorities for suitability and code/regulation compliance.

As an example, a typical requirement for a California Stairwell Sign shall be:
1) Located within the stairway enclosure at each floor landing;
2) Posted at five feet above the floor level;
3) Located in a position that is readily visible when the doors are in the open and closed positions.

Sign shall specify the following:
1) The stairway identification, such as STAIR 1 or WEST STAIR, shall be placed at the top of the sign in 1-1/2” block lettering with 1/4” stroke.
2) ROOF ACCESS or NO ROOF ACCESS shall be placed under the stairway identification in 1” block lettering with 1/4” stroke.
3) The floor level number shall be placed in the middle of the sign in 5” block lettering with 3/4” stroke. Basement levels shall have the letter B preceding the floor number. Mezzanine levels shall have the letter M preceding the floor number.
4) The floor levels served by the stair, such as B3 THROUGH 12, shall be identified at the bottom of the sign in 1” block lettering with 1/4” stroke.
5) The level of exit discharge and direction to that level shall be indicated on the sign in 1” block lettering with 1/4” stroke.
6) Characters and their backgrounds shall have a non-glare finish. All lettering shall be in sharp contrast to the background (light letters on dark background or vice versa).


  • Durable Matte finish 1/16” (or optional 1/8") thick colored modified acrylic face plate (available in many premium colors), Double faced adhesive tape on backside for mounting, All edges of sign materials laser cut for optimum appearance and smoothness, Can be used for meeting, California Requirements for Exit and Stairwell Signs

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