Interior Evacuation Plan Signage

A common requirement in today's facilities, especially hotel and lodging rooms, are evacuation plan signs. These plans, often mounted inside of room doors, indicate the specific room on the plan as well as exit paths to stairs or other egress points. With the advancement in personal printer technology, often times we recommend the purchase of a simple clear plastic piece of acrylic folded over to accommodate an 8-1/2" x 11" paper printed floor plan. This is often the least expensive way to provide important fire exit information.

California requires similar evacuation maps at elevators, outside of enclosed stairwells, and at main entrances to office buildings, hotels and lodges. The regulations for these maps is very specific and they require notation of stairways, exits, fire alarm pulls, and a "you are here" designation. In addition, these signs require of identification of the alarm system's sound and appearance along with an emergency number. All text is required to be 5/8" minimum.

Evacuation Plan You Are Here Map Sign

California's requirements may seem like overkill, but we cannot overstate enough the importance of how such signage can potentially save lives and reduce liabilities. has expertise in the manufacturing of such signs, and our investment in direct to substrate technology allows us to print complex maps and instructions on almost any substrate resulting in amazing detail and color. Call us with any inquiries at 888-462-5008.