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Are your signs ADA compliant?

Yes, our interior signs meet ADA requirements. We follow best practices for the manufacturing of all our ADA braille signs to assure that they are in compliance with ADA and ADAAG.

Since we cannot always keep track of all state and local sign codes, please check with your local and state authorities if you are unsure about an additional sign codes that may affect your signage. In general, Stairwell and exit sign requirements tend to vary from State to State.

Do you guarantee your signs, and can I put them outside?

You bet we guarantee our signage! Our signs are made with quality adhesives, and materials. In fact, all faceplate colors and materials are extruded durable co-polymer, which assures color consistency and helps prevent fading, chipping and scratching. Materials for backers and accent pieces are also resistant to scratching, (although materials are scratch resistant, they are NOT scratch proof, so please treat your signs with care.)

Since we are so confident in our materials and craftsmanship, we guarantee that, within a 12 months after purchase, if your signs break, come apart or deteriorate, we will replace them for free, provided we feel they have not been abused, mistreated, vandalized or improperly cleaned.

Although we do NOT guarantee or warranty our ADA Braille signs when installed outdoors, all materials, tapes and adhesives used on our economy series signs are outdoor rated. If you are able to locate outdoor braille signs elsewhere, purchasing outdoor warrantied ADA signs from another manufacturer usually means buying an outdoor rated photopolymer or magnesium etched ADA sign which likely will costs 2-3 times what our Economy Series signs cost.

What signs require braille and tactile characters?

As a general summary, signs that identify permanent rooms and spaces in publicly accessible buildings require braille and tactile text, and must comply with ADA. Such signs would include room number signs, restroom signs, and room ID signs. Examples would include:

Maintenance room, electrical room, telecommunications, vending, gymnasium, chapel, cafeteria, lunchroom, library, conference room, janitor, restroom, men's, women's, room ###, office ###, suite ###, fitness center, soiled linen, exam room, choir room, nurse, storage, locker room, etc.

Signs that do NOT require braille include Information signs like " Do not Enter", Directories/Directionals, Overheads, and temporary signage. Check out our BLOG for more information.

What will my sign look like, I want to see it before I order?

For signs with custom text you are asked during the ordering process if you want a proof e-mailed to you. Once we receive your order, we will draw up your sign(s) and e-mail you a FREE proof for your approval before we manufacture your signs. Remember, the sooner you get back to us with proof approval or changes, the sooner we can get started making your signs.

We also offer color swatches and sample signs for a nominal fee. Sample kits will give you comfort in knowing the colors and materials used on your sign will suit your decor, design and requirements.

Will your sign colors match those on my computer screen?

Colors on your computer may appear different than actual physical material colors due to differences in computer monitors, transmission limitations, graphics cards, hardware, etc.

If you are unsure about the colors, we encourage you to order our sample kit. This kit will likely assure you and us that you are comfortable with the colors and materials you choose.